There is much that can be learned in a classroom setting, but private music lessons are an opportunity to receive individualized instruction to improve technique, tone, diction, and musicianship.

All lessons will be held either in your home or via webcam as distance dictates.  Lesson fees are paid monthly, in advance, due on the first lesson of the month.  Lessons may occasionally need to be cancelled or rescheduled by myself or the student but must be done so with at least 24 hours' notice.


Lessons involve classical, Broadway and pop styles simultaneously but emphasis is given based on the student's preference (Schubert to Schwartz, Donizetti to Adele!).

Voice students are expected to practice every day at home for the same amount of time each day as their lesson duration.  Lessons are times to address issues and improve technique, NOT to learn the music.  Students who show up unprepared may be sent home with no lesson fee refund.

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Policies & Expectations


  • Design instruction around the student's abilities, musical tastes & interests

  • Come to each lesson with materials, warm-ups, and repertoire prepared

  • Spend lesson time productively to give you bang for your buck

  • Promptly begin and end each scheduled lesson

  • Never reschedule without at least 24 hours’ notice


  • Have appropriate instruments available for practicing (piano is recommended for voice students but not required)

  • Provide lesson materials as required by instructor (technique books, repertoire books, workbooks, etc.)

  • Be respectful and pay attention during lessons

  • Practice music each day for at least the length of your lesson time (i.e. 30 min per day for 30 min lesson)

  • Arrive on time for each scheduled lesson and not reschedule without at least 24 hours’ notice